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OU Hunt

To coincide with the 2015 broadcast of the BBC TV series ‘The Hunt’ with Sir David Attenborough the University’s Open Media Unit, OMU, published an accompanying poster.  This poster was used as a trigger image for an augmented reality app I developed on behalf of OMU. The app presented the user with a 3D movie […]

3 Words For Martin Bean

In 2014 Martin Bean left the Open University as Vice Chancellor and as a parting gift I was asked to develop an augmented reality app on behalf of the Pro Vice Chancellors. The app displays a 9 screen 3D model that has on each panel a video from each of the 9 Pro Vice Chancellors […]

OU Alive

I developed the University’s first augmented reality app to use 3D models released to Apple’s App Store. OU Alive was developed to bring the University’s 2015/2016 Undergraduate Prospectus to life.  Various pages of the prospectus contain trigger images that allow the app to display 3D models relative to the pages content, such as a volcano for […]