S112 Science: Concepts and Practice

The work to develop an augmented reality app to enhance students participating in S112 continues. Beppe has progressed with his design and development of the app in conjunction with STEM partners and has a working prototype that details how students can interact with and compare a number of different hominid skulls as well as taking measurements of specific features the module team identify. Hominid AR Work In Progress

E117: Sport and Fitness

Working with partners in WELs, Paul is designing and developing an augmented reality app that will allow students studying E117 to interact with a 3D model of a human to query the names, locations and functions of specific muscle groups on the human body. The app will also include a similar feature using a 3D model of the human digestive system. There will also be the inclusion of a self test exercise to allow students to test themselves on the correct location and names of the muscles and parts of the digestive system. Incorporated in the app will be the facility for students to query their physical activity data that will be collected by a tracking device supplied to the students as part of their module material. Muscle Identification in AR

Human Circulatory System Demo

This sample application was developed as a possible inclusion activity in the SK299 Human Biology app currently being developed.  Primarily to allow students to see the circulatory system in interesting way. The model was obtained initially to investigate it being used for life sized augmentation that the student could interact with via a VR headset.


Related links: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1sxv04i2jkmlwho/CirculatorySystem.mp4?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/494a4s5bcc54b9r/SK299%20Demo2.mp4?dl=0

Arts AR Demo

This sample application was developed to inspire the Arts faculty with the possibilities of students being able to interact with a 3D model of an artefact, in this instance an Amphora.  The application demonstrates how the model can be rotated and tapped in certain locations to display text feedback.  Although this sample simply displays a text message when a given area of the model is tapped is conveys the ability to allow further scrutiny of the object in question.  So the sample shows how the user can query areas of the artwork on the model.

This technique could just as well work on other artefacts, paintings etc.  Instead of the basic text displayed for demonstration purposes it could just as easily display detailed text, video or links to further content relating to the artefact in question.

Related links:


Hominid Skull Interrogations

This sample application was developed to investigate the possibility of using augmented reality to aid teaching in module S112 Science: Concepts and Practice. The student will be presented with a number of hominid skulls that they can both interact with and take measurements of key areas of the skull. The latest version of this app development can be viewed at the second link below. Related Links: S112 Original Concept S112 Latest Development Progress


MK:Smart is a £16m initiative, partially funded by the Catalyst Fund of the Higher Education Funding Council for England’s (HEFCE) and led by The Open University, which brings together a higher education and industry partnership with the aim of helping to secure the future economic growth of Milton Keynes. I developed a promotional AR application that could be used at events, fairs and meetings. This app demonstrates the tracking of a real world object to then place augmentations on and around it.  These augmentations are interactive allowing the user to tap to see context sensitive text or open a web page. The app is conceptual and could be expanded to include audio, video and other MK:Smart related content. Related Links: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gtt3z6lpcj43qit/MKSmart.mov?dl=0 http://kmi.open.ac.uk/projects/name/mk:smart

VR World

I created VR World to demonstrate the use of 360º video and images that can be display inside a photosphere. The application contains 8 locations from around the University as well as 8 from around the world.  It is possible to download and use 360º content created by others in the app. The app allows for both fullscreen mode and VR Headset mode. Related links: https://www.dropbox.com/s/30n62lxgzheq6c5/VRWorld.mp4?dl=0 http://appstore.open.ac.uk/vrworld/ https://theta360.com/uk/about/theta/s.html

Learn About Fair 2016

On Tuesday 26th April 2016 KMi had a stand at the Learn About Fair 2016 to showcase to the University the work it is doing in research and development. Part of this work was an augmented reality app I created to demonstrate to and inspire OU staff in the use of this technology.  It was fortunate that I already had a Monarch butterfly model to hand which fitted in nicely with the event's logo. Although for fun the app demonstrated the use of AR in displaying and interacting with a 3D model as well as tabular data. Related links: https://www.dropbox.com/s/v7qm14npkrtj3d4/LAF2016.mp4?dl=0 http://intranet6.open.ac.uk/teaching/learn-about-fair/learn-about-fair-2016 http://appstore.open.ac.uk/laf2016/

SK299 Demonstrator App

A cut down version of the augmented reality app that I am developing for the October 2017 presentation of SK299 was used by the Learning Innovations LikE team to promote the use of this technology in the learning environment. The app used a beer mat as its trigger and these were handed out to OU staff over a 2 hour period at The Hub during one lunchtime in the summer. Related Links: http://appstore.open.ac.uk/humanheart/ http://learninginnovation.open.ac.uk/like/discover-ideas-from-the-community/augmented-reality-heart/

Hominid Skull Comparison

In the very early stage of discussion this prototype demonstrates how hominid skulls can be viewed through augmented reality to allow students to compare features across species. Based upon the successful sourcing of 3D models the aim is to allow stage 1 students to familiarise themselves with various skulls and features and to take and record specific measurements. Related Links: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8m59wifzaekdhz1/Hominid.mp4?dl=0