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The move from traditional textbooks to a digital virtual learning environment allows the seamless introduction of new teaching technologies that enhance the learning experience for our students. An example of this is the use of augmented reality to enable students to investigate dynamic 3D structures, such as the beating human heart. Traditionally, this would have been taught using a series of static images supported by video, however, the introduction of augmented reality provides a powerful interactive tool for students to actively investigate structure-function relationships in real-time, visualising how the beating heart pumps blood around the human body.


New Addition To KMI AR / VR Developer Team

Giuseppe 'Beppe' Scavo has joined the KMI AR / VR developer team. Having worked in KMi since 2014 as a PHd student Beppe has recently become a Project Officer for the coming year. Beppe has solid background in AR and his knowledge and experience will be a welcomed asset to the team. He is currently developing two applications: S112 Science: Concepts & Practice, and the Human Nervous...

OU Go 3D Campus Guide To Be Released on App Stores

OU Go was originally designed to help staff find their way around campus using their Android or iOS device. The app has been updated and now includes a new user interface, location information for buildings, events, car and cycle parking and the outdoor artwork exhibits. KMI and Estates are keen that this app be made available to visitors to the University so it has been decided to publish...

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